Afghanistan Investigative Journalists Network

The Afghan Investigative Journalism Network (AIJN) is an initiative of the PAYK Investigative Journalism Centre. The aim of the Network is to assist journalists to build solidarity and collaboration and share experiences and lessons on access to information and data, and to enhance journalists’ safety. The network will also provide opportunities for peer-to-peer mentoring, especially for new journalists and to encourage best-practice standards. PAYK will facilitate the network through quarterly network meetings and establishing communications using their website and social media.

Network Membership

All Afghan journalists engaged in investigative reporting are eligible to become members of the Afghanistan Investigative Journalism Network. This applies to experienced reporters as well as journalists who have joined the profession more recently. PAYK will implement an outreach plan in order to raise awareness among the media community of the establishment of the AIJN, so that interested individuals may apply, indicating their interest.

AIJN will regularly disseminate investigative reports via social media platforms and group emails, to Network members and encourage feedback and the exchange of story ideas.

The AIJN will target an initial membership of 30 investigative reporters to join the Network.